libdrm-2.4.14 overwrites some drm linux-api-headers

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop73 at
Tue Mar 2 13:44:03 PST 2010

On 2 March 2010 20:59, John Burrell <john_burrell at> wrote:
> If installed as root, libdrm will overwrite these linux-api-headers from
> /usr/include/drm:
> test -z "/usr/include/drm" || /usr/lib/pkgusr/mkdir -p "/usr/include/drm"
>  /usr/lib/pkgusr/install -c -m 644 'drm.h' '/usr/include/drm/drm.h'
>  /usr/lib/pkgusr/install -c -m 644 'drm_mode.h'
> '/usr/include/drm/drm_mode.h'
[ snipped ]
> I used kernel for the headers and they are different from those
> that libdrm is trying to install.
> I stopped libdrm replacing them but if one is installing as root, it is
> unlikely that the replacement will be noticed.  It would be a good idea to
> remove the relevant lines in the libdrm-2.4.14/shared-core/Makefile before
> the install.

 Usually, people use what the packages install.  In your case,
the pkgconfig files will show libdrm-2.4.14 but the headers will
not match.  I've no idea if that will cause problems in Mesa or

 The idea that only the first package to write to a directory
should be allowed to update it does not match custom and

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