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On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 6:06 PM, James Rhodes
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> At least for me, most of the dislike for package management systems is the
> fact that they're so hard to understand how they're storing all of their
> information and organizing applications.  Neither Debian or RPM systems I've
> seen offer an easy-to-understand package management system

(Sorry to resurrect a dead thread.)

You might want to take a peek at T2's packaging system:
<> Among other things, they have the interesting
ability to automatically generate dependency trees by tracking what
headers each program references at build time. Also their tools are
90% written in Bash for easy hacking. :-) (Though I'm sure some would
argue that's a bad thing.)

Actually, the original poster to this thread might be happier with T2
than with LFS: T2 provides an installer, and lets you populate it with
packages you build yourself.

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