Questions in Preparing for a 64-bit LFS Build

Dan McGhee beesnees at
Sun Jul 4 17:31:17 PDT 2010

On 07/04/2010 06:34 PM, William Immendorf wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 4, 2010 at 5:05 PM, Dan McGhee<beesnees at>  wrote:
>> I could build a CLFS-Multilib system and try to compile the "newer"
>> packages from LFS.  But that smacks of not "following the book" for
>> either build. Is there a place I can go for notes, work arounds or
>> patches for packages in BLFS that don't play well in 64 bit?
> I've done 64-bit system for some good expermentation, and really, the
> only package(s) in BLFS that don't play nice with 64-bit systems are
> NSS/NSPR. But that can be fixed easilly by adding --enable-64bit to
> NSPR's configure, and by exporting USE_64=1 in the various export
> steps for NSS. But, outside of BLFS, you'll probally see packages that
> use YASM instead of NASM, and I know for a fact that ZSNES (an SNES
> emulator) dosen't build on Pure64 systems, and if you need to watch
> Flash videos (eg: Youtube, but they are gradually phasing out Flash
> support by using VP8/WebM, a movement that I highly encourage, but
> only nightly builds of Firefox/Chromium support it), unless you use
> Gnash (which is still in beta state), you're screwed, since Adobe is
> temporally stopping development of the 64-bit Flash plugin.
> Other than that, you should be fine building 64-bit systems.
William, thanks very much.  This really helps.  I do like YouTube, but I 
can probably live without it.  The only problem comes in because the 
National Weather Service, to which I'm addicted, uses Flash for the 
radar loops.  But that's a personal problem.  Thanks again.

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