BLFS svn book Shadow- question about a page note

stosss stosss at
Tue Jan 5 14:31:36 PST 2010

> "You must create a valid /root/.bashrc file to provide a modified path
> for the super-user."
> Therefore, to your question of "what" to add to root's .bashrc - it's "a
> modified path." You know, since root generally has additional dirs in
> its PATH (such as /sbin and /usr/sbin).

I understand that but you said the note was clear. It is not at all clear.

"You must(doesn't say why you must. Must is strong. Where is the cause
and effect?) create a valid /root/.bashrc file to provide a modified
path(what should that modified path look like?)
for the super-user."

The note has the appearance of something important without giving
supporting detail as to why it is important.

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