Strace on recent LFS (dev) build

Richard Melville richard.melville69 at
Sun Jan 3 11:00:37 PST 2010

Ken Moffat wrote:-

Yes, that's the one.  Not sure what was wrong in the link - ah
> I only pasted the part that was visible in the address bar
> p=strace/strace;a=commit;h=f0df31e71a58c6e79ba77c1a9d84b2f38d44bec7<;a=commit;h=f0df31e71a58c6e79ba77c1a9d84b2f38d44bec7>
> (that should all be on one line, of course)
A URL shortener like would obviate this problem.  There is even a
Firefox bookmarklet that slides out a sidebar and creates a shortened
URL for the page being viewed -- very handy IMHO.

Get it here

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