Some problem with CAPH build

Nicolas FRANCOIS nicolas.francois at
Tue Feb 23 08:08:38 PST 2010


I'd like to install CAPH ( But the
build script seems to be not BASH compliant.

First, it refers to libgl.pc where the file installed is gl.pc, second,
I get errors with the script like that :

./build: 5: CFLAGS+=: not found
./build: 6: CFLAGS+=: not found
./build: 7: CFLAGS+=: not found
./build: 9: LFLAGS+= -lm: not found
./build: 10: Syntax error: Missing '))'

Strange thing : CFLAGS+=$(gnagnagna) is accepted on the command line,
but not in a script.

What is wrong with this ?

Thanks for any tip.



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