Can't control my mutt

zzflop at zzflop at
Fri Feb 12 17:14:43 PST 2010

I have used mutt for some time now but I really
don't know how to use it other than to read and
and reply to mail.

The only way I seem to be able to reply to the 
digests saved to a mailbox is to reply to the
whole digest and then edit it to relevent portion.

If put Subject: Re:whatever,then my post doesn't
end up in the thread.

I have read some online howto's about mutt and I
did set sort=threads and learned to set the aliases
file but the sort setting doesn't do what I expected.
It just sees each digest as one thread.

I don't know if mutt is capable handling threads in
this fashion or not. I do have Xp on another partion
and could use Outlook Depress in a pinch.

I am happy with my mutt,fetchmail, and sendmail combo
and don't intend to install X. If I need to see pictures
I have links -g and Mplayer works fine on the console.

Any pointers or commments from mutt users  would be 

Mike H.

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