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Wed Feb 10 13:19:59 PST 2010

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 3:51 PM, Matthew Burgess
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> stosss wrote:
>> Why is it that you and other developers are so touchy about the book
>> and its condition and people pointing out things that could be done
>> different, better or whatever? Why do you and the others insist on
>> thinking there is nothing wrong with the book and so unwilling to
>> improve it?
> I think that's a little unfair.  Please remember that both the LFS and
> BLFS projects are based on *volunteer* effort and therefore noone should
> *expect* to have their particular pet-peeve fixed in any particular
> amount of time (or at all in fact).  Whilst we do endeavour to address
> all suggestions, lack of time or a particular urge to 'scratch an itch'
> that a particular developer may not be feeling is more than reasonable
> behaviour in such projects.
> Why is the fact that we regenerate the book every day such a problem for
> you?  If the date of the book hasn't been incremented then it's fairly
> safe to say that no changes have been made.
> I don't think it would take too much to change our nightly jobs to not
> render a new copy of the book if no changes have been made, but again,
> nobody apart from you seems to care at the moment.  Given the long list
> of defects in BLFS' Trac system I'd wager that most of the devs would
> rather spend time tackling them than preventing regeneration of a book
> on a server that has plenty of capacity to do so.

Matthew and Bruce,

I am not complaining. I am simply asking. I do realize that this is a
volunteer project. I am not expecting you to do things as though you
have to. I am willing to jump in and help. I am sorry if you have
taken offense. That is not my intention. Yes you get defensive and
that is understandable. But it would be a lot better if I and others
could figure out how to ask more politely and if those taking offense
might also be willing to take a deep breath and assume maybe the
person is not trying to be offensive. so, again I apologies. I really
would like to help. I like the LFS project. I have been looking at
some others that are similar. I don't like them as much but their docs
seem to be a little cleaner or better in some ways. There really are
some areas that could be improved. The nightly snapshots is not a big
deal. I don't have a problem with it. i was not sure about what was
going on because the book date was still the same. you guys answered
that so okay.

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