stosss stosss at
Wed Feb 10 13:09:25 PST 2010

>>>>>> Also what is the point of a nightly snapshot if the book has not changed?
>>>>> Because it is set up as a cron job and I didn't go to the effort of
>>>>> trying to figure out if any of the 300 or so pages changed.
>>>>> Most people will look at the document itself, especially the change log,
>>>>> to see what changes have been made.
>>>> That is exactly what I did. According to the change Log the book has
>>>> not changed in 7 days. I also put this in one of my earlier posts on
>>>> this thread.
>>> What's your point?
>> My original point was to find out what was different between the 02/03
>> and 02/09 snapshots since there did not appear to be any. Then my new
>> point was to question the reason for generating new snapshots if
>> nothing changed.
>> Why is it that you and other developers are so touchy about the book
>> and its condition and people pointing out things that could be done
>> different, better or whatever? Why do you and the others insist on
>> thinking there is nothing wrong with the book and so unwilling to
>> improve it?
> Because there is only one real rule in linux.
> YMYR (Your Machine Your Rules)
> In other words, if you don't like how things are managed by others,
> talk to them and if they disagree go ahead and pick up your bat and
> ball and head home.
> P.S., you were very accusatory with that last post. I'd try not to be
> too rude to people you're asking support from.

I am just pointing out the facts as can be found by searching the
archives of any of the LFS mailing lists. I am not trying to be
accusatory or rude. Your response is the typical response that can
also by found in the same archives to the challenges made by many.

Often times it is necessary to find help and solutions from some place
other than LFS because of this kind of attitude from people responding
as you have.

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