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luxInteg lux-integ at btconnect.com
Fri Aug 6 04:24:49 PDT 2010

On Thursday 05 August 2010 21:09:02 William Immendorf wrote:
> Try looking at the ticket for Texlive:
> http://wiki.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/ticket/2480
> Specifally, Randy's notes, and my notes as well. They are very helpful.
> Also, to build XZ Utils, use the BLFS Wiki page:

many thanks for the links.    I am trying to follow  your suggestion  and what 
I can glean from the cblfs build of texlive-2008  which gave fairly detailed 
instructions.  The points I would like  some clarity on  are:- 

POINT 1: are additional stuff from tug.org necessary and if so where to put 
For the build I am planning, I downloaded these tarballs from 
--------1-----(a) texlive-20091107-texmf.tar.xz 
--------1-----(b) texlive-20091107-source.tar.xz
--------1-----(c) cover2009.zip
--------1-----(d) TexCollections2009-Setup.zip

Are  (c) and (d)  necessary and where do they go?  

POINT 2: are  so-called 'format files'   still necessary or useful?  
For prior preparation for a cblfs/texlive-2008 build 
(http://cblfs.cross-lfs.org/index.php/TeXLive)  I had also downloaded   stuff   
from  PurdueUniversity   cblfs-described  as ('format files' ):- 

I am unsure if these are still useful.    IF these 'format files' are still 
necessary/useful  could you or anyone else on list advise 
if prior to   running sh configure  they are placed in the  texlive-20091107-
texmf  directory  or otherwise ?

POINT 3: Is  /usr/bin/man  destroyed   for installations ! in /usr ?
Your-discussion on blfs-dev suggests  that  /usr/bin/man is overwritten by 
installing texlive-2009.  If one is  not installing in /usr   OR if one sets 
--mandir=/whatever   is this   still so?

yours sincerely

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