Lorentz (ff-3.6.3plugin1)

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop73 at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 20 09:05:10 PDT 2010

Just a FYI from the dark side - for me, ff-3.6.3 was unusable with youtube -
with all available x86_64 versions of libflashplayer it crashed.  I
got as far as
confirming this was a change since 3.6, then discovered there is source for
3.6.3plugin1 available.

 This calls itself Lorentz and is definitely a beta, but seems to solve the
problem (tested for a bit over 3 minutes with 1 video and so as
always with youtube temptations this is very much YMMV).

 x86_64 users who are not averse to using non-libre plugins may be
disappointed to learn that x86_64 versions of libflashplayer have disappeared
off the face of the net.  Google links typically go to dodgy sites offering .rar
files - probably best avoided!  ISTR that mandriva cooker had
libflashplayer fairly
recently, but finding cooker source rpms is never easy.

After tragedy, and farce, "OMG poneys!"

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