How to start X at boot

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Thu Apr 1 17:33:26 PDT 2010

On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 12:27:28PM -0700, brown wrap wrote:
> I found a section in the old BLFS book on starting xwm. As far as I can tell, its not built any longer with X11. Anyway, I tried to substitue twm in initab insteand of xdm. I get a message on boot that say some about display starting too fast. It scrolls by so fast I can't see it and I didn't find anything in syslog or Xorg.log.
> So what is the correct format to start X at boot time.
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Xdm is a display manager. It provides a graphical logon for 
your local machine and for remote machines running X if set 
up correctly.

I don't know if it built with Xorg-7 .I have Xorg-6 and I 
just typed xdm at the console to see if I had it and I do.

Twm is a window manager. It should be started from .xinitrc 
It wouldn't replace xdm or any other display manager as it
serves a different function.

I just looked at Xorg-7.5 page and I couldn't see where the 
xdm executable was installed but did see the libXdmcp-1.0.3
program that provides libraries for client logon, so xorg 
must still have xdm somewhere if you really want to use it.

I used it once under debian and while I don't remember the 
details it was tricky to set up as a remote login.

If you want to bypass the console put startx at the end of 
your /home/.bash_profile.

Mike H.

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