LFS is at 6.5 BLFS is at 6.3 Why?

stosss stosss at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 13:03:36 PST 2009

> I think one thing is not in the book : the answer to the question "why
> is this package not in the book/why is this version so old/why doesn't
> the book evolve any faster...".
> Come on, guys, what do you think you are dealing with ? This is an
> entirely free, cooperative work. Nothing advances if noone provides
> work for it to move on.
> So the correct answer to those questions should be : "move your ass,
> you bl...y bas...rd !!!".

I just got to the point of doing BLFS. I know the project is
volunteer. All the books say use whats recommended in the book. Why
release something just because it is ready when the next part (the
more important part) is not. I was just asking straight forward

In response to your sh_ty attitude... FOAD!!!

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