hal and users mounting sticks

lux-integ lux-integ at btconnect.com
Fri May 15 17:01:36 PDT 2009

On Friday 15 May 2009 04:33:18 am lux-integ wrote:

> a) for the CDROM results are excellent.    Once hal is started then ivman,
> the cdrom is detected   in /media/CDROM.  The cd is ejected simply by
> pressing on the button. 
> b) for usbsticks  the results  are   not satisfactory.  No mount point
> is/are created in /media  and the disk(s) is/are not mounted automatically.
>  However the  usb stick can be mounted and unmounted   by the 'normal' user
> in   the group plugdev  (who replaced ivman in the ivman config file)   
> using  the following

I   fixed an error in    ~ /etc/ivman/IvmConfigBase.xml  and   ivman  now 
automounts usb-sticks  and creates  appropriate links in /media.  However 
there are still some unreliabilities:-

#######results of mount command on ivman mounted usb sticks####
a)  Inserted single stick, single fat partition 
/dev/sdc1 on /media/sdc1 type vfat 

b1)  Inserted   second  stick,  fat (FIRST) partition 
/dev/sdd1 on /media/sdd1 type vfat 
b2)  Inserted   second  stick,  ext2 (SECOND) partition 
/dev/sdd2 on /media/sdd2 type ext2 (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,errors=continue)

i) If a single stick with two partitions (first fat second ext2)  is inserted.  
only the last   partition is mounted,    AND the files and directories are 
not displayed.
ii) If a single stick  with a single partition  is inserted,  it is mounted    
but no files/directories are displayed.
iii) If a  second stick   is inserted all partitions are mounted and 
displayed.  However the first partition appears to be mounted by root -see a) 
above.   And    write acess by normal user appears to be only available on 
fat partitions although ext2  was mounted r/w.

suggested   configurations in ivman  and hal to solve these poblems will be 


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