hal and users mounting sticks

lux-integ lux-integ at btconnect.com
Tue May 12 06:54:52 PDT 2009


In kde4.2.1   on an AMD64 box I have,     only  root can mount and unmount  
usb sticks.  The partitions show up   for ordinary users,  but clicking   
thereon just opens the local home directory.  I tried reading through the 
latest blfs  ~/general/hal.htm  but   could not home in on any specific
thing to do to alleviate the problem.  I also noticed  that   fedora9  has a 
mount option for usbsticks called uhelper=hal (  which appear to allow  users  
to mount and unmount sticks   without entries  in /etc/fstab).   I have not 
been able fo   get more information   on 'uhelper'.

So   some help would be appreciated.

yours sincerely

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