Python bindings for MySQL

richard.melville at richard.melville at
Sun May 3 11:34:22 PDT 2009

Simon Geard wrote:-

> Fair enough. But my personal thinking is that there needs to at least be
> a good reason to add a package to the book, rather than the absence of a
> reason not to. Because it's a common dependency for other packages, for
> example. Or because many people want it...

Judging by the underwhelming response it looks as though you may well be right, Simon.

It really makes no difference to me now as I have it installed.  However, I did waste valuable time before realizing that I needed this package, and I thought that if its existence was mentioned in the book then it may save others some wasted time in the future.  BTW the package that needed it as a dependency was OpenEMM -- not part of the book, I know.


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