root=UUID or root=LABEL not working

ell sam ell.sam at
Mon Feb 23 11:32:44 PST 2009

I am having trouble booting from the kernel on my hd to load Linux from
my usb hd. I have installed everything and it works using the internal
hd kernel booting from grub passing the root=/dev/sdb6 to the kernel.

I want to pass something other than /dev/sdb6 so that if I plug in
another drive it still boots the correct one. I have tries root=UUID=<my
uuid numbers...> and root=LABEL=LFS and root=/dev/disk/by-uuid/<my
uuid...> and root=/dev/disk/by-label/LFS all don't work.
is there something in the kernel that needs to be configured so it
works. Or maybe in initramfs etc..

I tried google and did not find what I am doing wrong.

Thanks :)

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