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Cliff McDiarmid cliffhanger at gardener.com
Wed Feb 18 05:47:12 PST 2009

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> Not addressed to me, but I'll answer as someone using NM for such a
> desktop system. First, I have DHCP because my network uses DHCP. I have
> dbus and hal because it's a desktop system, and whether you use KDE or
> Gnome, dbus and hal are essential infrastructure these days.
> So, given that, installing and running NM on top of that is hardly a
> huge increase in complication. It's a simple enough trade - I can
> configure things manually in boot scripts, or I can add a few more
> packages to the system and have it all work for me. Personally, I'm
> happy with knowing how to do the former, but choosing to do the latter.

In reply to Richard and Simon.  I'm running LFS on a laptop which I want to move around with, so Networkmanager is a must.

As for these scripts that are required. I already have these although I had to import them manually from the latest supplicant.   This is why I thought the problem lay elsewhere with permissions.   I'll try the patch though.  Can I ask Simon - do you have the supplicant running as a daemon at startup?   A lot of distros do, but it shouldn't be necessary surely with Networkmanager doing it all for you?



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