kde-4.2.0-compile-akonadi and boost problem

Ken Moffat ken at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Feb 6 14:33:15 PST 2009

On Fri, Feb 06, 2009 at 03:31:54PM -0500, Gabe Yoder wrote:
> > a)  setting  BOOST_ROOT=/usr/bin/bjam
> >  or  BOOST_INCLUDEDIR=/usr/include/boost-1_37/boost
> >   as   environamental variables  -to no avail
> I see you are using boost 1.37, and it appears that they still haven't fixed 
> the build issue regarding it.  I had to downgrade to boost 1.36 in order to 
> get it to build.  If you choose to go this route, make sure to remove 
> /usr/include/boost-1.37 and any other directories which are specific to the 
> newer version of boost.
 Is the build issue "FindBoost.cmake only searches for versions 1.33
through 1.36.1" or something else ?

 I'm asking because newer versions of boost seem to bring a whole
load of problems, and last time I looked (a couple of months ago),
fedora had reverted to 1.34.1 after trying, I think, 1.36 for less
than a day, so for the moment I'm sticking with 1.34.1 version.

 Or, maybe, the Boost_ADDITIONAL_VERSIONS variable can be used.
# The Boost_ADDITIONAL_VERSIONS variable can be used to specify a
# list of
# boost version numbers that should be taken into account when
# searching
# for the libraries. Unfortunately boost puts the version number
# into the
# actual filename for the libraries, so this might be needed in the
# future
# when new Boost versions are released.
# Currently this module searches for the following version numbers:
# 1.33, 1.33.0, 1.33.1, 1.34, 1.34.0, 1.34.1, 1.35, 1.35.0, 1.35.1,
# 1.36, 
# 1.36.0, 1.36.1

 I also find it a little scary that the usage instructs:
#     FIND_PACKAGE( Boost 1.34.1 COMPONENTS date_time filesystem
#     iostreams ... )
 because I've _never_ installed static boost libs, I don't have
enough disk space.  I was able to build akonadi-1.0, maybe I won't
manage 1.1.  Will find out in a few days.

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