OpenOffice-3.0.1, JAVA, AMDE64

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Fri Apr 24 15:02:45 PDT 2009

On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 3:25 AM, lux-integ <lux-integ at> wrote:
> 1)  will compiling --with-Xlint help or will this just   provide more details
> why   the compilation failed?

Xlint just provides more detailed warnings--it's not even related to
the actual errors you're seeing.

> 2) Ais there some error in the way  jdk-1_5_0_16-linux-amd64.bin was installed
> that is giving these errors?

What Google turns up tells me that complexlib.* is part of itself, not the JDK:

What this looks like to me is that one of two things is wrong:

1) The download is broken or incomplete. I haven't
looked at their site recently--some of the necessary libraries might
have been split into separate tarballs.

2) Some path is set incorrectly. Look through the configure output
(--help) and whatever Readme exists and see if there are any
references to this. In particular, looks for references to CLASSPATH.

That's as much help as I can give right now without downloading the
OO.o source and trying it myself. If you need more help, email us
again. :-)

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