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Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at
Tue Apr 21 04:58:28 PDT 2009

On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 10:56:44AM +0100, lux-integ wrote:
> On Tuesday 21 April 2009 01:04:06 am Ken Moffat wrote:
> >
> > > #######
> > >         MING flags are -I/usr/local/include
> > >         MING libs are -L/usr/local/lib -lz -lm -lgif -lpng -lming
> > >         MING version code is 00040200
> > >         MAKESWF is /usr/local/bin/makeswf
> > >         MTASC is /usr/local
> > >         MTASC CLASSPATH is /usr/share/ocaml/mtasc/std
> > >         HAXE is /usr/local
> > >         HAXE CLASSPATH is /usr/share/haxe/
> > >         SWFMILL is /usr/local/bin/swfmill
> > >         SWFC is /usr/local/bin/swfc
> >
> >  I suspect none of the above are necessary, but it's a while since I
> > read the descriptions of them (and since I only have a 50% success
> > rate with you-tube videos, perhaps some of them are useful).
> I read these were  the gnash 'dependencies'  from bumf in the gnash tarball. 

 OK, I'm looking at my build log, these are for the testsuite (I
don't normally run tests after building LFS or clfs, unless I'm
editing a package in BLFS).
> yes I have looked at firefox 3.07 and  3.08 and very much want to upgrade  but   
> I have gtk2.14.3  and this need upgrading too (from what I read on blfs).  

 I've been able to upgrade all of my systems where I built ff3,
without changing the version of gtk.  But, a quick check suggests my
oldest gtk on those is 2.14.4.

> Rather that surgery on the present build,  I was planning to use it   to 
> iron-ourt some wrinkles   before a  major update including  clfs-current-dev  
> using  kernel 2.6.29,  gcc-4.3.3  , glibc-2.9  etc  later one.  (Mind you 
> this too will have is own set of wrinkles)
 2.6.29.latest please ;-) [ 2.6.29 had networking issues for some
people ]
> >  The error might be from binutils (clfs patches aggressively from
> > upstream), but if that was the case I would have expected similar
> > errors to show up a long time before you got to this part of your
> > build, so I think that is unlikely.

 Googling today, almost all the matches were for kernel/module
issues.  A few others from 4 or 5 years ago.  It does sound like a
problematic version of binutils.  There were two more recent matches
for other packages, one with no relevant responses, one fixed by
passing an obscure flag to configure [possibly defaulting the
toolkit], I can't relate that to your problem.

 Is this gnash-0.8.5 ?  I've got that (without all the deps, and
particularly without kde, speex, csound - I use SDL for sound
handling) on clfs pure64 from January, and libtool had no problems
with .libs/libgnashvm.a.

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