Continued: Upgrading Xorg 7.2 -> 7.4, black screens, evdev and all that

Martin Ward macros_the_black at
Sun Apr 19 07:33:24 PDT 2009

Jeremy Henty wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 02:37:13PM +0100, Martin Ward wrote:
>> Jeremy Henty wrote:
>>> RESULT!!!   I added  'DefaultDepth 8'  to the  Screen  section and
>>> 'Modes "1280x1024"'  to the Display subsection for  that depth and
>>> it worked.
>> [...]
>> brilliant, why default depth 8, i usually use 24,
> That was just a first cut.  I now do without the DefaultDepth line and
> add Modes  lines to all  the Display subsections.  The  driver selects
> depth  24, just as  it did  in Xorg  7.2.  Interestingly,  diffing the
> servers logs  from successful and  unsuccessful logs shows next  to no
> difference.  The  only relevant  change I can  see is that  the failed
> attempt selected  a more high-res  mode.  Perhaps the problem  is just
> that it  chose a mode  my card can't  support (which in turn  might be
> because Xorg 7.4 fails to identify the card).
>> could be the cause of your font problem,
> Unfortunately no, the fonts are still broken.
>> think about  it it might also  as ken has  mentioned something about
>> the  dpi setting,  causing gtk  not to  interpret the  font settings
>> correctly
> Sounds plausible, so how do I fix the dpi settings?
> Regards,
> Jeremy Henty
good question

have a look at

or put

xrandr --dpi 96 in .xinitrc

*-dpi 96

*directly to the xserver

for more info have a look at
it does sound like the server is misinterpreting the ddc information it receives from your monitor, hence the weird screen size earlier
, seem to recall some like this on the xorg list about six months ago, but my memory might be faulty
hope that helps


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