Upgrading Xorg 7.2 -> 7.4: font problems

Jeremy Henty onepoint at starurchin.org
Sun Apr 19 01:18:21 PDT 2009

On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 02:23:41AM +0100, Ken Moffat wrote:

> > Stuff that is affected:
> >   - Icewm right-button menu
> >   - Icewm dialogs
> >   - text on the buttons in the icewm taskbar
> >   - icewm window titles
> >   - GUI widget text in applications, *except* FLTK applications
>  Odd, all of these work for me (icewm-1.3.3).

I doubt it's an icewm problem, since gtk and Qt apps are affected too.
Something's broken much lower down in the font system.

>  I'm  on   freetype-2.3.7.   Don't  have  time  to   keep  track  of
> everything, but 2.3.9 looks like  a mandatory upgrade if you were on
> 2.3.9.

???  Sorry, don't understand.

>  Ah.  I thought you just had "random smears of pixels".

No, it looks as though someone  has tried to write the window title at
a height of two or three pixels or so.

>  I've dropped the old  core fonts with --enable-builtin-fonts in the
> xserver (1.5.3) :

I'll try that.

> The other obvious candidate is  freetype, even though it was working
> with 7.2.

Seems unlikely: FLTK  is configured to use freetype  and thats the one
thing that *is* working.

Someone else has fixed things by reconfiguring fontconfig:


> I try to  keep my systems in use for longer  nowadays, but I haven't
> upgraded xorg on a working system for a bit over a year

I've been  putting off upgrading  Xorg for the  same reason -  it just
works.  Unfortunately it's  stopping me upgrading the kernel  - I'm on
2.6.27 and if  I upgrade to 2.6.28 then Xorg  7.2 blackscreens after a
few minutes!   I figured there  wasn't much point  complaining without
upgrading to the latest Xorg first, hence all this hassle.


Jeremy Henty

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