HAL <-> Xorg troubles

Guillaume Chevallereau gchevallereau at free.fr
Fri Apr 3 12:37:45 PDT 2009

You are certainly missing this patch for hal :

Le vendredi 03 avril 2009 à 19:49 +0200, michael lang a écrit :
> Hey,
> I've run into a problem with HAL and Xorg. I've built Xorg with HAL
> support, and it expects that HAL has a mouse listed with `hal-device`.
> But it doesn't, which means that with the default
> configuration(AllowEmptyInput on) I don't have any mouse and keyboard.
> If I override that option to off, my mouse works fine, but my keyboard
> does not entirely, I can type normally, but my arrow keys are linked
> to enter and home/end/page down/page up don't work at all.
> I tried this blog article to get it running, but sadly, no game:
> http://who-t.blogspot.com/2008/07/input-configuration-in-nutshell.html
> Also, a thing worth mentioning, I'm using Xorg Xserver 1.6.99 and HAL
> 0.5.11(with ConsoleKit and PolicyKit)
> Does anyone have any experience with this?
>  Michael de Lang
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