Moving system to different virtual drive

Scott Castaline hscast at
Thu Oct 9 19:14:53 PDT 2008

Running LFS-6.3/BLFS-6.3 on virtualbox and decided to move the original 
system to a larger virtual disk.

Original disk 8GB 3 partitions 1 = /boot, 2 = swap, 3 = /
New disk 20GB 3 partitions; same as above just different sizes.

Created the fs on the new drive and mounted the 2 parts. Mounted the old 
drives 2 parts. Copied everything from orig to new except /grub
I then unmounted the orig drive and did the chroot from the end of ch6 
6.60 Cleaning Up on pg 187. Copied stage 1 & 2 from /usr/whatever. ran 
grub as th eLFS book says to do in ch 8.4 pg 213 I'll get the error of 
"Selected disk does not exist"
find /boot/grub/stage1 gives me "File not found"

Do I need to go back to the environment created in Ch5 of the LFS book 
and redo grub at that point and then go through creating the 
environments used later in ch6 and then ch8?


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