I tried...

Nicolas FRANCOIS nicolas.francois at free.fr
Fri Oct 3 12:02:17 PDT 2008

I confess... I tried.

Just 2 weeks ago, one of my hrad drives crashed :-( And of course, it was
my working HD : all my work, my mails, my setups...

So after recovering from several old saves (I promise I'll do a backup
EVERY WEEK now !), I installed A Debian, just because It was quite
anoying to reinstall a full LFS !

So I tried. I tried so hard... But I really HATE it ! I HATE anything but
LFS !!! I hate the fact that I don't know how to install the Nvidia
driver... I hate to be forced to use old apps (Claws is 2.6 here, on my
old installation, it was 3.5.0 !). I hate to be forced to search for
configuration files that modify configuration files that do what is just
a basic option on BLFS...

So I'm back, guys :-) Just a few days, and I'll post on my brand new
LFS :-)

Debian sucks because it's so much outdated, Ubuntu sucks because it's so
heavy, Mandriva sucks because it's so KDE oriented... (B)LFS, man,
what else ?


(Sorry for the post on the BLFS help list, but LFS-Chat seems quite
abandonned, and I wanted to say this to ALL the LFS community ;-)


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