BLFS 6.3-rc2, NSS-3.11.7

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Jun 18 11:03:54 PDT 2008

Michael Franzl wrote:

> My machine's hostname is 'quantum', which is
> connected to a DHCP Router. On this router the
> domain name is set to 'lan'. Therefore, my FQDN
> should be 'quantum.lan'. I can ping quantum.lan,
> quantum and localhost.
> But no matter which value I set for the DOMSUF
> variable ("lan", "", (none), etc.), the Tests fail
> with an Error similar to the following:
> My /etc/hosts :
> localhost
> Any hints appreciated!

This is just a guess, but in the LFS network setup you
are asked to create a valid 'hosts' file, which includes
an entry for the computer (with the FQDN and any aliases).

I don't see this in your 'hosts' file above. Not sure if
it will help in your particular setup, but to me it is
sort of unusual to not identify the computer in /etc/hosts,
unless you have some sort of bind/dns service on your lan.


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