BLFS 6.3-rc2, NSS-3.11.7

Michael Franzl m.franzl at
Wed Jun 18 07:49:23 PDT 2008

The BLFS Book states:

> To test the results, you'll need to set
> the domain name of your system in the
> DOMSUF environment variable.

My machine's hostname is 'quantum', which is
connected to a DHCP Router. On this router the
domain name is set to 'lan'. Therefore, my FQDN
should be 'quantum.lan'. I can ping quantum.lan,
quantum and localhost.

But no matter which value I set for the DOMSUF
variable ("lan", "", (none), etc.), the Tests fail
with an Error similar to the following:

tstclnt -p 8443 -h quantum.lan -q \
-d ../client < /usr/src/nss/nss-3.11.7/mozilla/\

selfserv: PR_Bind returned error -5982:
Local Network address is in use.

tstclnt: error looking up host: A directory
lookup on a network address has failed.

My /etc/hosts : localhost

Any hints appreciated!


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