Developement under LFS/BLFS question

john q public public at
Wed Jun 4 05:35:38 PDT 2008

Hello all,

I've asked about IDEs in the past and there are a lot to choose from so 
for now I've put that off and just edit source
without anything else. BUT now I'm running into segfaults and such 
(worse theyre sporadic so sometimes things mostly work other times 
everything grinds to a halt). I saw no mention of gdb in either the LFS 
or BLFS book. Is it
not a good thing to use? I'll check hints and see if I find something 
there. My REAL question is does anyone have advice on when its better to 
comb the source versus chasing problems with the debugger? I know 
there's no "right" answer on that but I'd really appreciate some 
commentary. In actuality I've been a programmer for years and this has 
always been a tough choice. I did embedded for a while and was it 
amazing to plug in an ICE in place of the CPU and find right away that 
something on the board itself was defective. You'd never find something 
like that on your own because the code is written assuming a board with 
all the right values for the CPU. Chasing something caused by a faulty 
component can really leave you haunted. :-)

Regards and thanks,


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