[SOLVED] Re: New board, new error when booting...

Justin The Cynical cynical at penguinness.org
Mon Jun 2 16:32:34 PDT 2008

Michael Shell wrote:

> I *was* going to tell you that Google found a guy *just_like_you* who is
> in the very same boat ..... but, then again, I'm pretty sure you already
> know him. ;)
> Either not many people have used that board under Linux, or you've got
> a bad one.
> If you are ever in the market for another board, my vote goes to Tyan:
> http://www.tyan.com/product_board_detail.aspx?pid=337
> I know someone with a fully loaded Opteron based Tyan, and that thing
> rocks. Tyan's quality shows even in their more modest MB offerings.

Well, here is the deal, and I'm feeling rather dumb and annoyed by it.

The motherboard manual listed the DIMM slots in the following order:

1 2 3 4  p
| | | |  o
| | | |  w
| | | |  e
| | | |  r

So that's how I did it, a DIMM in 1 and 3 per the manual.

However, this time around, when I was reviewing it, I noticed that the 
picture included showed it as:

4 3 2 1  p
| | | |  o
| | | |  w
| | | |  e
| | | |  r

Guess what?  Reversed them, and the system booted without issue.  Bah

Sadly, the BIOS or the chipset, I'm not sure which, doesn't apparently 
adjust the fan according to core temperature, which results in the fan 
running full speed (with an annoying whine) all the time.  The board has 
a jumper for a three or four wire fan, but it doesn't seem to make any 

I also found that the super I/O chip isn't supported by lm_sensors, so 
that /might/ play into it as well.

If this was in a rack in another room, it wouldn't be an issue. 
However, due to a lack of space, the machine is sitting in my room, so 
the extra noise is not something I am willing to put up with.

So, the desktop board is back in place (which does support the thermal 
controlled fan) again, until I can decide on a quiet third party cooling 

Bah, it's never easy.

And to further amuse and confuse, it appears that Arima has sold off the 
motherboard business to another company (flextronics), so who knows if 
anything further will ever be done to the BIOS.  I think it might be 
worth emailing the new company and asking if they have any plans to 
improve the BIOS, however, I'm not holding my breath.

As much as I hate to throw more money at it, the Tyan approach may not 
be a bad idea in the long run, but as this was picked up on a whim... 

Thanks for the suggestions everyone, it is appreciated.  :-)

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