Courier-MTA: Some n00bie questions

taipan sysadm.taipan67 at
Wed Jan 30 17:03:59 PST 2008

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> taipan wrote these words on 01/30/08 12:20 CST:
>> A search of the {,B}LFS lists appears to indicate that Courier used to 
>> be in the book (hence my posting to this list), so i'd also like to ask 
>> why it no longer is, if anybody can tell me?
> Here is what I remember:

Thanks for the reply, Randy.

> Courier was initially a hint (I think so, anyway). The author then
> created an XML page and the book was updated to include Courier.
> Time went by and the existing Courier instructions become obsolete
> (to the point that the instructions were actually wrong for newer
> versions of Courier). Since the exiting instructions no longer worked
> for newer versions of Courier, and no BLFS editor used, or could
> support Courier, it was removed from the book.

I suspected this might be the case, but it's good to get a bit of 

> The various setups were somewhat complex (I don't have first hand
> experience as I've never used Courier) to get the package up and
> running. This was another reason it was pulled from the book. If
> it were simply a CMMI type package with minimal configuration then
> perhaps we could put it back in. Perhaps now the recent versions of
> Courier are easier.

I think 'minimal configuration' must be a relative term where MTA's are 
concerned - they _all_ seem to speak Klingon to my unschooled eye. Maybe 
that will prove to be an advantage - i have no prior prejudice for or 
against one or another at the moment...

This little odyssey began with my looking at different mail clients & 
progressed to discovering how poor my current service-provider's 
security is. One of the many potential courses of action now is to run 
my own servers (mail & web) using 'Dynamic DNS' & no longer being bound 
to a specific provider.

While i'm researching, i think my first decision must be to change to 
another mail-provider, but this still leaves me with options regarding 
which MDA to use. The fetchmail website appears to endorse maildrop over 
procmail - this is what first got me thinking about using Courier rather 
than Postfix as a full-blown MTA.

I may post a similar query to this elsewhere online in the hope of 
encountering someone with experience of Courier at least, if not others 
as well for comparison, but because the feedback on these lists is 
invariably so helpful, i'd appreciate hearing any further opinions from 
the members here about full servers or just delivery-agents, as it will 
all be of use to me.

Thanks again, taipan

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