Courier-MTA: Some n00bie questions

taipan sysadm.taipan67 at
Wed Jan 30 10:20:02 PST 2008

Hi all,

I'm currently reading up on email systems, from how to send & receive 
securely, right through setting up a full MTA, & as many of the possible 
configurations use Courier sub-projects (courier-imap, maildrop, etc.) 
in association with other packages like Postfix, i'm wondering if 
there's any particular reason _NOT_ to just use the full Courier MTA in 
the first place - are there fundamental pro's & con's to using one setup 
over another, or does it have more to do with what people are already 
used to?

 From what i've read so far, i think i would like to use the 'maildir' 
storage method rather than 'mbox', & am therefore thinking that software 
specifically designed for it ought to be preferable to software that's 
been updated to accommodate it.

A search of the {,B}LFS lists appears to indicate that Courier used to 
be in the book (hence my posting to this list), so i'd also like to ask 
why it no longer is, if anybody can tell me?

I may have further questions depending on how well this query is 
received & responded to, but for the time being i'll leave it at that...

Thanks in advance, taipan

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