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Sun Sep 30 09:44:15 PDT 2007

Directfb is a minimal X substitute that requires several hundred
_fewer_ packages to be built ( and maintain in the blfs book ).  I'm
actually requesting that directfb be added to the blfs book--I think
it would benefit many users besides me.

I will eventually contact the directfb and gtk+-directfs myself and
figure out how to build them from source.  I posted to this list
before doing so for three reasons: first, ya'll are the build from
source experts; second, it would make blfs better for everyone; third,
back in the blfs 5.xsomthin' days, directfb build intructions did

But in answer to your question:
1) My build is based on several versions of lfs, blfs, diy_linux, my
own scripts ( including my own patches and sed fixes ), and build
instructions I found online
2) On my last attempt I couldn't build pango--it didn't detect that I
had glib or cairo on my system ( on earlier attempts I made it to the
actual directfb build; but, I don't recall the error )
3) Yes, in addition to '2)' above, I can't figure out exactly what
those dependencies are.  Let me clarify: on   a tutorial
is written describing how to build from _source_; however, those
instructions require running apt-get to get the source and the binary
packages needed to install them.  And there is something about
_developer tools_, too.
3.5) In preemtive response to a possible future question, I'm using
the newest stable versions of atk, cairo, glib, and pango ( not
necessarily the versions from blfs ).
4) Yes, along with fusion


On 9/29/07, rblythe <rblythe714 at> wrote:
> Barry Loo wrote:
> > After doing some research, it seems like directfb would be the easiest
> > way to put gimp on on an lfs machine.  It also seems that installing
> > it isn't easy enough for _me_.  Is there any interest among the blfs
> > developers to write/update the directfb build instructions?  Directfb
> > will be very popular among your other users, too, if the step-by-step
> > instructions are written.  (Note: there's no need to send me that link
> > {} to the wiki
> > that describes how to build it; I have already failed pretty good at
> > that tutorial).
> >
> > Loo
> >
> It would help if you would let us know:
> 1) What LFS/BLFS version you are attempting to build against?
> 2) What errors have you received during the build of directFB?
> 3) Did you have any problems installing the dependencies required for
> directFB?
> 4) Is Frame Buffer support in your kernel?
> I am not a BLFS developer, but I have found that giving everyone on the
> list more information may just get you the answers you need to build
> successfully.
> rblythe
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