rblythe rblythe714 at
Sat Sep 29 15:56:47 PDT 2007

Barry Loo wrote:
> After doing some research, it seems like directfb would be the easiest
> way to put gimp on on an lfs machine.  It also seems that installing
> it isn't easy enough for _me_.  Is there any interest among the blfs
> developers to write/update the directfb build instructions?  Directfb
> will be very popular among your other users, too, if the step-by-step
> instructions are written.  (Note: there's no need to send me that link
> {} to the wiki
> that describes how to build it; I have already failed pretty good at
> that tutorial).
> Loo
It would help if you would let us know:
1) What LFS/BLFS version you are attempting to build against?
2) What errors have you received during the build of directFB?
3) Did you have any problems installing the dependencies required for 
4) Is Frame Buffer support in your kernel?

I am not a BLFS developer, but I have found that giving everyone on the 
list more information may just get you the answers you need to build 


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