Again I need to send to all of you which are making this distribution so clean my best regards

Thierry Nuttens thierryn1 at
Fri Sep 28 13:59:58 PDT 2007

As a collaboration to all yours efforts. I have on my home page an 
original distribution.
- The packages are compiled as in the books.
- I had to choose a package management system, I did use user package 
management (one user one package), until I discover CRUX. First I though 
it was based on LFS, but then I slowly realise the differences. For me 
the  only good thing from CRUX was the package management system. SO I 
put the package call pkgutils together with a few other.
- Before the  adventure with CRUX,  I  had a try with ARCH.  That was a 
very interesting experience.  I  discover the wonderfull tool for making 
initram. So it's also  part of it.
- Because I'm french speaking, I wanted to give kick for the french 
comunity. So it's in french

Have a look a the sources it's really interesting how easy it is to 
build a package with the pkgmk command line. Even Openoffice 2.2 in 
french went through.

About the name, it's not really original but I had to find a name to 
store all those files

Again, tanks a lot for your incredible work you do.

A big fan of LFS


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