howto create LFS livecd

Lauri Kasanen curaga at
Tue Sep 25 00:54:50 PDT 2007

> bmwthink-bd at wrote:
> > I compiled my LFS system now. and I think to create a LiveCD .
> > Howto create it?
> There is no fully-working and documented procedure to do this. I.e.: you
> can't.
> > I readed lfscd-remastering-howto ,but i don't know howto create 
> > the root.ext2 file.
> This is a wrong HOWTO. It is about making changes to the
> already-existing official LiveCD, not about creating your own.
> --
> Alexander E. Patrakov


This is partially related to this topic;

can someone tell me how is the device mapper used in the lfs livecd?

I'm also interested in why was it chosen. At least on my older laptops it tends to cause some "block reading errors" that fill the screen, and then the system hangs. On the other hand, cloop-based livecd's work fine on these lappies too..


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