Help connecting to internet though LFS

Martin McCourt martinlmccourt at
Sun Sep 16 10:18:21 PDT 2007

On 9/16/07, Steven Daglish <s.c.daglish at> wrote:
> When I now boot into my LFS, I get:
> Starting kernel log daemon...
> Bring up the eth0 interface...
> Interface eth0 doesn't exist.
> ...
First thing to check is if the kernel driver for this has been
compiled into your kernel, or the appropriate module has been
configured to load.  Try to get pciutils installed and do an lspci to
find out what NIC you have, then redo your kernel "make menuconfig"
and make sure the driver for that card is enabled.

You said it was a via fast something or other; the "lspci" will tell
you what it is, if you've got the device IDs properly up-to-date.

This problem drove me nuts in the past, I had to wait a little while
for the kernel guys to get a proper driver for my NIC, as it only
started working with LFS a few months ago.

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