Fonts look bad in

Alan Lord alanslists at
Thu Sep 13 00:55:03 PDT 2007

Martin McCourt wrote:
> I followed the advisories of Alexander and Ken, and things are more
> legible because they appear larger, but are still really ugly.  Would
> it be helpful if I could provide screen shots of a terminal (rendering
> nicely), my desktop widgets/browser (horrible), and a jpg/gif image
> (perfect) in one screen?
> I really appreciate the response I've gotten so far, folks, thank you!
>  If anyone out there has ever solved this mystery, please let me know!
> Martin

I am now a user of Ubuntu for my desktop computer and when I first 
installed that I thought the fonts were rather poor: seemed blurred, 
small, not very "sharp". I have a 19" Dell CRT at running 1280x1024.

I played about with anti-aliasing etc but didn't get very far.

Now, I don't know if this will help directly, but after using some of 
these community "fixes" my fonts are much better now.

Perhaps investigating what these do, would lead you to better 
experience? ;-) Just a thought.



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