Fonts look bad in

Martin McCourt martinlmccourt at
Wed Sep 12 10:10:44 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I have this problem where all my fonts look really small and actually
are pretty hard to look at.  See this:

I had this problem before using KDE, and I remember fixing it (I
think) by compiling QT without Xft support (am I wrong?).  I'm trying
to get away from KDE though, and using XFCE (a GTK+ app), I can't seem
to disable the antialiasing successfully.  I admit I don't entirely
comprehend what's going on, and I wonder if it's the *lack* of AA that
is causing the problem.

Any suggestions?  I run in 1024x768x32 on a 19" LCD; should I post any
part of my xorg.conf file?


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