Konqueror causing 100% CPU usage

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Sep 6 20:21:19 PDT 2007

Frank Ianella wrote:
> Dan Nicholson wrote:
>> On 9/5/07, Frank Ianella <fianella at verizon.net> wrote:
>>> attached is the trace log.
>> Unfortunately, it's over my head an nothing jumps out. One thing to
>> consider doing is updating to kdelibs/kdebase-3.5.7. It just hasn't
>> been updated in the book, but it should be a stable increment from
>> 3.5.6.
> I've already tried that, to no avail. Konqueror appears to load a little
> further with 3.5.7 based on the progress bar, but the end result is the
> same.
>> I recall that your starting kde from startx. Are you also running
>> dbus? If you have all the dependencies for kdelibs and base, you
>> should start a session dbus with dbus-launch.
> I installed dbus when I had 3.5.7 running. dbus-launch was started via
> the .xinitrc as indicated in chapter 28, again to no avail.
>> If nothing really jumps out, it might be best to pull out gdb and do
>> some real debugging.
>> -- 
>> Dan
> In anticipation of this, I had compiled arts/kde with full debug.
> Konqueror was started from within gdb, but I don't see anything. I don't
> have any experience with gdb, so I have attched the log. Perhaps there
> is something that stands out to you.
> I also decided to log the output from the xserver. This output seems to
> go a bit further than that of gdb. The output below is 5 lines before an
> X error is logged, and continues until the x server locks up (end of llg
> file). Any help in interpreting this is greatly appreciated.

Looks similar to the firefox/flash bug.   Do you have xserver running at
16bit color depth and flash plugin installed?  Also, using gdb to track
down X errors, it is suggested to use 'run --sync' otherwise your error
can return way after the problem has occurred.  The workaround for that
problem was to switch to 24 bit color depth, or export
XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1.  This may not even be related, but since it's
the exact error message, I thought I'd throw it out there...takes 10
seconds to try it.

-- DJ Lucas

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