problems with gnome - xserver

Olaf Grüttner olaf.gruettner at
Thu Sep 6 01:55:06 PDT 2007

I have problems with gnome stability and I suppose this has to do with

nautilus freezes,
panel freezes
a playing totem or an open epiphany keeps working

I have to kill x11 with crt-alt-backspace

starting the x-server after such a freezing is possible, but 
gnome won't come up, just the black screen of the x-server appears.

I am able to reproduce freezing behavior by 
opening nautilus with a dir full of music files (ogg or mp3 ... doesn't

before the freezing happens, the following feature disturb me:

hovering with the mouse over an mp3 file starts playing the music
hovering over an ogg file does nothing

playing an mp3 file with totem does not work
playing an ogg file with totem works

totem uses gstreamer backend

gst-inspect shows:
taglib:  apev2mux: TagLib-based APEv2 Muxer
taglib:  id3v2mux: TagLib-based ID3v2 Muxer
gconfelements:  gconfaudiosrc: GConf audio source
gconfelements:  gconfaudiosink: GConf audio sink
gconfelements:  gconfvideosrc: GConf video source
gconfelements:  gconfvideosink: GConf video sink
esdsink:  esdsink: Esound audio sink
cdio:  cdiocddasrc: CD audio source (CDDA)
speex:  speexdec: Speex audio decoder
speex:  speexenc: Speex audio encoder
png:  pngenc: PNG image encoder
png:  pngdec: PNG image decoder
jpeg:  smokedec: Smoke video decoder
jpeg:  smokeenc: Smoke video encoder
jpeg:  jpegdec: JPEG image decoder
jpeg:  jpegenc: JPEG image encoder
halelements:  halaudiosrc: HAL audio source
halelements:  halaudiosink: HAL audio sink
gdkpixbuf:  gdkpixbufscale: GdkPixbuf image scaler
gdkpixbuf:  gdkpixbufdec: GdkPixbuf image decoder
flac:  flacdec: FLAC audio decoder
flac:  flacenc: FLAC audio encoder
cairo:  cairotimeoverlay: Time overlay
cairo:  cairotextoverlay: Text overlay
annodex:  cmmldec: CMML stream decoder
annodex:  cmmlenc: CMML streams encoder
aasink:  aasink: ASCII art video sink
ximagesrc:  ximagesrc: Ximage video source
ossaudio:  osssink: Audio Sink (OSS)
ossaudio:  osssrc: Audio Source (OSS)
ossaudio:  ossmixer: OSS Mixer
wavparse:  wavparse: WAV audio demuxer
wavenc:  wavenc: WAV audio muxer
videomixer:  videomixer: Video mixer
videocrop:  videocrop: Crop
videobox:  videobox: Video box filter
udp:  udpsrc: UDP packet receiver
udp:  dynudpsink: UDP packet sender
udp:  multiudpsink: UDP packet sender
udp:  udpsink: UDP packet sender
smpte:  smpte: SMPTE transitions
rtsp:  rtpdec: RTP Decoder
rtsp:  rtspsrc: RTSP packet receiver
rtp:  rtpvorbispay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtpvorbisdepay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtptheorapay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtptheoradepay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtpsv3vdepay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtpspeexdepay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtpspeexpay: RTP packet payloader
rtp:  rtpmp4gpay: RTP packet payloader
rtp:  rtpmp4gdepay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtpmp4adepay: RTP packet parser
rtp:  rtpmp4vdepay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtpmp4vpay: RTP MPEG-4 Video packet payloader
rtp:  rtpmp2tpay: RTP MP2T audio payloader
rtp:  rtpmp2tdepay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  asteriskh263: RTP packet parser
rtp:  rtpL16depay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtpL16pay: RTP packet payloader
rtp:  rtph264pay: RTP packet payloader
rtp:  rtph264depay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtph263pay: RTP packet payloader
rtp:  rtph263pdepay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtph263ppay: RTP packet payloader
rtp:  rtpmpvdepay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtpmpapay: RTP packet payloader
rtp:  rtpmpadepay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtppcmapay: RTP packet payloader
rtp:  rtppcmupay: RTP packet payloader
rtp:  rtppcmudepay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtppcmadepay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtpamrpay: RTP packet payloader
rtp:  rtpamrdepay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtpgsmpay: RTP GSM audio payloader
rtp:  rtpgsmdepay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtpilbcdepay: RTP iLBC packet depayloader
rtp:  rtpilbcpay: RTP Payloader for iLBC Audio
rtp:  rtpac3depay: RTP packet depayloader
rtp:  rtpdepay: RTP payloader
quicktime:  rtpxqtdepay: RTP packet depayloader
quicktime:  qtdemux: QuickTime demuxer
multipart:  multipartmux: Multipart muxer
multipart:  multipartdemux: Multipart demuxer
matroska:  matroskamux: Matroska muxer
matroska:  matroskademux: Matroska demuxer
level:  level: Level
mulaw:  mulawdec: Mu Law audio decoder
mulaw:  mulawenc: Mu Law audio encoder
alaw:  alawdec: A Law audio decoder
alaw:  alawenc: A Law audio encoder
goom:  goom: GOOM: what a GOOM!
flxdec:  flxdec: FLX audio decoder
icydemux:  icydemux: ICY tag demuxer
id3demux:  id3demux: ID3 tag demuxer
effectv:  quarktv: QuarkTV effect
effectv:  revtv: RevTV effect
effectv:  vertigotv: VertigoTV effect
effectv:  shagadelictv: ShagadelicTV
effectv:  warptv: WarpTV effect
effectv:  dicetv: DiceTV effect
effectv:  agingtv: AgingTV effect
effectv:  edgetv: EdgeTV effect
navigationtest:  navigationtest: Video navigation test
debug:  testsink: Test plugin
debug:  progressreport: Progress report
debug:  navseek: Seek based on left-right arrows
debug:  breakmydata: Break my data
efence:  efence: Electric Fence
cutter:  cutter: Audio cutter
avi:  avimux: Avi muxer
avi:  avidemux: Avi demuxer
autodetect:  autoaudiosink: Auto audio sink
autodetect:  autovideosink: Auto video sink
auparse:  auparse: AU audio demuxer
audiofx:  audiodynamic: AudioDynamic
audiofx:  audioamplify: AudioAmplify
audiofx:  audioinvert: AudioInvert
audiofx:  audiopanorama: AudioPanorama
apetag:  apedemux: APE tag demuxer
alphacolor:  alphacolor: Alpha color filter
alpha:  alpha: Alpha filter
gamma:  gamma: Video gamma correction
videobalance:  videobalance: Video balance
videoflip:  videoflip: Video flipper
gnomevfs:  gnomevfssrc: GnomeVFS Source
gnomevfs:  gnomevfssink: GnomeVFS Sink
vorbis:  vorbisenc: Vorbis audio encoder
vorbis:  vorbisdec: Vorbis audio decoder
vorbis:  vorbisparse: VorbisParse
vorbis:  vorbistag: VorbisTag
theora:  theoradec: Theora video decoder
theora:  theoraenc: Theora video encoder
theora:  theoraparse: TheoraParse
pango:  textoverlay: Text overlay
pango:  timeoverlay: Time overlay
pango:  clockoverlay: Clock overlay
pango:  textrender: Text renderer
ogg:  oggdemux: Ogg demuxer
ogg:  oggmux: Ogg muxer
ogg:  ogmaudioparse: OGM audio stream parser
ogg:  ogmvideoparse: OGM video stream parser
ogg:  ogmtextparse: OGM text stream parser
ogg:  oggparse: Ogg parser
ogg:  oggaviparse: Ogg AVI parser
cdparanoia:  cdparanoiasrc: CD Audio (cdda) Source, Paranoia IV
alsa:  alsamixer: Alsa mixer
alsa:  alsasrc: Audio source (ALSA)
alsa:  alsasink: Audio sink (ALSA)
video4linux:  v4lsrc: Video (video4linux/raw) Source
xvimagesink:  xvimagesink: Video sink
ximagesink:  ximagesink: Video sink
tcp:  tcpclientsink: TCP client sink
tcp:  tcpclientsrc: TCP client source
tcp:  tcpserversink: TCP server sink
tcp:  tcpserversrc: TCP server source
tcp:  multifdsink: Multi filedescriptor sink
subparse: subparse_typefind: srt, sub, mpsub, mdvd, smi, txt
subparse:  subparse: Subtitle parser
subparse:  ssaparse: SSA Subtitle Parser
volume:  volume: Volume
videoscale:  videoscale: Video scaler
videorate:  videorate: Video rate adjuster
videotestsrc:  videotestsrc: Video test source
typefindfunctions: video/x-ms-asf: asf, wm, wma, wmv
typefindfunctions: audio/x-musepack: mpc
typefindfunctions: audio/x-au: au, snd
typefindfunctions: video/x-msvideo: avi
typefindfunctions: video/x-cdxa: dat
typefindfunctions: video/x-vcd: dat
typefindfunctions: video/x-fli: flc, fli
typefindfunctions: application/x-id3v2: mp3, mp2, mp1, mpga, ogg, flac,
typefindfunctions: application/x-id3v1: mp3, mp2, mp1, mpga, ogg, flac,
typefindfunctions: application/x-apetag: ape, mpc, wv
typefindfunctions: audio/x-ttafile: tta
typefindfunctions: audio/x-mod: 669, amf, dsm, gdm, far, imf, it, med,
mod, mtm, okt, sam, s3m, stm, stx, ult, xm
typefindfunctions: audio/mpeg: mp3, mp2, mp1, mpga
typefindfunctions: audio/x-ac3: ac3
typefindfunctions: video/mpeg-sys: mpe, mpeg, mpg
typefindfunctions: video/mpegts: ts
typefindfunctions: application/ogg: anx, ogg, ogm
typefindfunctions: video/mpeg,elementary: mpv, mpeg, mpg
typefindfunctions: video/mpeg-stream: mpv, mpeg, mpg
typefindfunctions: video/mpeg4: m4v
typefindfunctions: video/x-nuv: nuv
typefindfunctions: audio/x-m4a: m4a
typefindfunctions: application/x-3gp: 3gp
typefindfunctions: video/quicktime: mov
typefindfunctions: image/x-quicktime: qif, qtif, qti
typefindfunctions: text/html: htm, html
typefindfunctions: application/vnd.rn-realmedia: ra, ram, rm, rmvb
typefindfunctions: application/x-pn-realaudio: ra, ram, rm, rmvb
typefindfunctions: application/x-shockwave-flash: swf, swfl
typefindfunctions: video/x-flv: flv
typefindfunctions: text/plain: txt
typefindfunctions: text/uri-list: ram
typefindfunctions: application/smil: smil
typefindfunctions: application/xml: xml
typefindfunctions: audio/x-wav: wav
typefindfunctions: audio/x-aiff: aiff, aif, aifc
typefindfunctions: audio/x-svx: iff, svx
typefindfunctions: audio/x-paris: paf
typefindfunctions: audio/x-nist: nist
typefindfunctions: audio/x-voc: voc
typefindfunctions: audio/x-sds: sds
typefindfunctions: audio/x-ircam: sf
typefindfunctions: audio/x-w64: w64
typefindfunctions: audio/x-shorten: shn
typefindfunctions: application/x-ape: ape
typefindfunctions: image/jpeg: jpg, jpe, jpeg
typefindfunctions: image/gif: gif
typefindfunctions: image/png: png
typefindfunctions: image/bmp: bmp
typefindfunctions: image/tiff: tif, tiff
typefindfunctions: video/x-matroska: mkv, mka
typefindfunctions: video/x-mve: mve
typefindfunctions: video/x-dv: dv, dif
typefindfunctions: audio/x-amr-nb-sh: amr
typefindfunctions: audio/x-amr-wb-sh: amr
typefindfunctions: audio/iLBC-sh: ilbc
typefindfunctions: audio/x-sid: sid
typefindfunctions: image/x-xcf: xcf
typefindfunctions: video/x-mng: mng
typefindfunctions: image/x-jng: jng
typefindfunctions: image/x-xpixmap: xpm
typefindfunctions: image/x-sun-raster: ras
typefindfunctions: application/x-bzip: bz2
typefindfunctions: application/x-gzip: gz
typefindfunctions: application/zip: zip
typefindfunctions: application/x-compress: Z
typefindfunctions: audio/x-flac: flac
typefindfunctions: audio/x-vorbis: no extensions
typefindfunctions: video/x-theora: no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/x-ogm-video: no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/x-ogm-audio: no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/x-ogm-text: no extensions
typefindfunctions: audio/x-speex: no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/x-ogg-skeleton: no extensions
typefindfunctions: text/x-cmml: no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/x-executable: no extensions
typefindfunctions: adts_mpeg_stream: aac
typefindfunctions: audio/x-spc: spc
typefindfunctions: audio/x-wavpack: wv, wvp
typefindfunctions: audio/x-wavpack-correction: wvc
typefindfunctions: application/x-rar: rar
typefindfunctions: application/x-tar: tar
typefindfunctions: application/x-ar: a
typefindfunctions: application/x-ms-dos-executable: dll, exe, ocx, sys,
scr, msstyles, cpl
typefindfunctions: video/x-dirac: no extensions
typefindfunctions: multipart/x-mixed-replace: no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/x-mmsh: no extensions
typefindfunctions: video/vivo: viv
uridecodebin:  uridecodebin: URI Decoder
queue2:  queue2: Queue
decodebin2:  decodebin2: Decoder Bin
decodebin:  decodebin: Decoder Bin
playbin:  playbin: Player Bin
gdp:  gdpdepay: GDP Depayloader
gdp:  gdppay: GDP Payloader
ffmpegcolorspace:  ffmpegcolorspace: FFMPEG Colorspace converter
audiotestsrc:  audiotestsrc: Audio test source
audioresample:  audioresample: Audio scaler
audiorate:  audiorate: Audio rate adjuster
audioconvert:  audioconvert: Audio converter
adder:  adder: Adder
mpeg2dec:  mpeg2dec: mpeg1 and mpeg2 video decoder
lame:  lame: L.A.M.E. mp3 encoder
dvdread:  dvdreadsrc: DVD Source
a52dec:  a52dec: ATSC A/52 audio decoder
realmedia:  rdtdepay: RDT packet parser
realmedia:  rademux: RealAudio Demuxer
realmedia:  rmdemux: RealMedia Demuxer
mpegstream:  dvddemux: DVD Demuxer
mpegstream:  mpegdemux: MPEG Demuxer
mpegstream:  mpegparse: MPEG System Parser
mpegaudioparse:  mp3parse: MPEG1 Audio Parser
iec958:  ac3iec958: AC3 to IEC958 filter
dvdsub:  dvdsubdec: DVD subtitle Decoder
dvdlpcmdec:  dvdlpcmdec: DVD LPCM Audio decoder
asf:  asfdemux: ASF Demuxer
coreindexers:  fileindex: A index that stores entries in file
coreindexers:  memindex: A index that stores entries in memory
coreelements:  multiqueue: MultiQueue
coreelements:  typefind: TypeFind
coreelements:  tee: Tee pipe fitting
coreelements:  filesink: File Sink
coreelements:  queue: Queue
coreelements:  identity: Identity
coreelements:  filesrc: File Source
coreelements:  fdsink: Filedescriptor Sink
coreelements:  fdsrc: Disk Source
coreelements:  fakesink: Fake Sink
coreelements:  fakesrc: Fake Source
coreelements:  capsfilter: CapsFilter
staticelements:  bin: Generic bin
staticelements:  pipeline: Pipeline object

Total count: 92 plugins, 296 features

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