Andrey a_cool77 at
Wed Sep 5 08:29:19 PDT 2007

Resolved! Just driver for keyboard... After 'make oldconfig' all works fine.

> I build new LFS 6.3.
>First application for new BLFS system if Midnight Commander (don't like 
> files manually)...
> After first run i see some strange thing. Each key press needs 1 second to 
> take reaction. And after exit same thing in pure console. After reboot 
> console works again, but press again 'mc' and same thing.
> Maybe kernel problems? In comparition with previous version not much 
> changes. Earlier it was svn version of LFS with kernel, now 
> I tried minimize that (delete almost all drivers), but same 
> effect...
> Can help me someone?

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