compiling samba with pam, but it's not finding the libraries

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Sep 3 08:59:04 PDT 2007

Alan wrote:

> I may have used a later version of PAM than the book used, however I'm
> confused by the book command:
> mv -v /usr/lib/libpam*.so.0* /lib &&
> ln -v -sf ../../lib/ /usr/lib/ &&
> ln -v -sf ../../lib/ /usr/lib/ &&
> ln -v -sf ../../lib/ /usr/lib/
> I do not understand why those are 81.0; 81.2; and 81.3 when the
> download is 99.4 in the book, and I think I pulled 99.7, but have
> deleted the sources a while back.

I'll take a stab at what you are doing, because you have not
identified *what book* you are following, it is just a guess

You apparently are following the stable book, but not using
the sources the stable book says to use. If this is the case,
there's really nothing I can do to help, as it is not going
to work.

If I'm right, then what you should do until you become a bit
more experienced is to do what the book says without
deviation. This includes using the version of sources the
book says to use.

With PAM, the instructions are specific to a version of the
sources. If you don't use what the book says to use (be it
the stable or development book), it won't work without
changing the commands that create the symlinks to point to
whatever version of the libraries you install.

Now, as Dan pointed out yesterday, we are going to update
the PAM instructions so that it won't be so version specific.
But until then (I would have done it already, but cannot
until tomorrow), you'll need to follow the book, to include
using the version of sources the book says to use. Or, as
I mentioned earlier, change the symlink creation commands to
point to the actual name of the libraries installed.


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