The first CD with LFS-6.3

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Sat Sep 1 04:06:22 PDT 2007

The LiveCD team is proud to announce the release of the first LiveCD 
with LFS-6.3 book for x86-based computers. The CD is available at: 
(214 MB) - the minimal CD without sources and without X window system. 
(424 MB) - this CD is identical to the full CD in all aspects, except 
that it doesn't contain tarballs with LFS sources. 
(622 MB) - the full CD.

There are some known bugs and missing features that were present in the 
6.2 series of CDs (e.g., no loop-aes support), thus the CDs are not 
called "stable", but for most people, they should be good enough to 
build LFS-6.3 and ask for support online.

The full CD contains X window system, a visually pleasing desktop 
environment (Xfce), the Seamonkey web browser, the LFS book, the 
multiprotocol chat client (GAIM), and many console programs. It also 
includes jhalfs-2.3.1 - a tool that automates building of LFS, HLFS and 
CLFS systems. You can add software of your own choice by compiling and 
installing it directly on the CD, or by remastering the CD image.

New features as compared to 6.2 CDs:

 * Improved support for wireless network cards
 * Added wpa_supplicant
 * Added support for IBM JFS filesystem
 * Added proprietary video drivers
 * Made it possible to forcibly load, blacklist and specify arbitrary 
options for kernel modules from the boot prompt
 * Added experimental libata-based drivers for IDE devices (add "pata" 
to the boot prompt to activate them, old drivers are used without this 
 * Added the ability to load the entire CD contents (except sources and 
proprietary drivers) to RAM. This requires at least 512 MB of RAM, 
allows the use of the CD drive for reading other CDs, and makes the 
programs on the LiveCD operate much faster.
 * Added the ability to boot the CD image on systems without the CD-ROM 
drive (slightly broken on FAT and NTFS filesystems due to this bug:

More information:

The README file:
Boot loader help screens:
The remastering HOWTO:

In order for the stable release to be possible, the following bug has to 
be either confirmed and fixed, or proven to be non-existing on the CD: (see also questions 
The best thing you can do is to reproduce the "no available 
native/legacy port" error message with your own self-compiled kernel (so 
that we know that the kernel problem is reproducible at all with your 
hardware), boot the CD without the "pata" argument and see whether this 
error message appears. Also, we need to know whether your self-compiled 
kernel can be configured to assign the same device names to IDE and SATA 
disks as the LiveCD, because of the complicated initramfs setup on the 
CD that plays dirty tricks with the module loading order. Please send 
your feedback to the livecd list.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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