jdk 1.6 update 2 build is still failing

David Barron dlbarron at nc.rr.com
Tue Aug 14 17:53:50 PDT 2007

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> David Barron wrote these words on 08/14/07 18:44 CST:
>> I tried the sed command and it looks like it got further, but now I'm 
>> getting a different error:
> What sed command?
> Perhaps I'm not following the thread. Fill me in, and I'll try and help.
> I build this package without issue. Every time. But fill me in. We just
> updated the book. Are you using *exactly* what is in the book?
> (disclaimer: not that what is *exactly* in the book works, because
> when I built the package, BLFS wasn't at this version yet, and I
> used my own instructions, including building the debug image - lots
> longer and more disk space)
> I see this libXm.a in my 'make.log' a whole bunch. In fact, it is
> constantly being removed and recreated. But always found when it needs
> to be.
> Can you just start completely over, ensuring your bootstrap JDK is
> good? I used a JDK-5 bootstrap version (as Sun instructs to), but
> DJ says that is no issue.
> Please, more details after you delete everything and start over.
The original problem was that the build was unable to find Xext.h. Dan 
noticed that the include directories were odd and suggested this command 
as a workaround:

sed -i.bak 's at I/X11R6 at I/usr/X11R6@' j2se/make/sun/awt/mawt.gmk

As I said, that got me a bit further but now I'm running into this 
problem with 
No such file or directory

My bootstrap version is 1.6 update 2 and I am doing a copy and paste of 
EVERY command directly from the book.
Do you need to see the original error that started this whole 

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