RAM and swap partition

Luca liliana.perossa at fastwebnet.it
Fri Sep 29 10:37:25 PDT 2006


Just a (probably) silly question.
Today arrived me a 1G DDR memory card, so I removed the old cards and
inserted this one.
I have a swap partition of 1G as the first partition on the hard disk.
I know that swap partition must be at last twice of memory in case of
256 or less RAM.
Actually in KInfoCenter it outputs these results in Memory module:
Physical memory: 1.058.754.560 Byte
Free physical memory: 76.671.872 Byte
Shared memory: 0 Byte
Disk buffer: 75.431.936 Byte
Disk cache: 630.550.528 Byte
Total swap memory: Byte
Free swap memory: Byte

So my question is simple, is it normal that linux uses all the ram
memory and not swap partition?
(Think I should order another 1G DDR memory card...)


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