BLFS bootscripts

Paul G Rogers at
Thu Sep 28 08:52:08 PDT 2006

>I finished to create and tested my own alsa startup script and would
>like to know if there is a number service specific for alsa startup to
>maintain blfs bootscripts compatibility even if I saw that the alsa
>bootscript from blfs-bootscripts is only used to stop alsa and not to
>start it.

I didn't like the approach rc takes, so I rewrote it with the idea that
a given runlevel starts what it wants entering, and takes it down 
leaving.  A run-level doesn't clean-up for the previous level, it cleans
up for itself.  And "in for a penny, in for a pound", I reorganized the
script order with the following idea of functionality:

00-09	high-priority
10-19	standalone
20-29	multi-function
30-39	multi-user
40-49	network
50-59	servers
60-69	application support
70-79	applications
80-89	user support
90-99	unique

rc1.d basically goes up to S19*.  rc2.d adds to S39*.   rc3.d runs them 
all, though I don't have much above S60*.  ALSA I'd probably put in the 
60's or 80's.

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