Virtual Server

Alan Lord lord_alan at
Thu Sep 28 05:53:52 PDT 2006

davidmott at wrote:
> virtual server is freely available at VS
> ships with the virtual machine additions for DOS & Windows but the linux
> additions are only available through a beta program which requires
> registration at  Currently the linux additions
> are only supported with a few redhat and suse distros but the performance
> boost and host integration is well worth getting going on LFS.  The
> additions give a good performance boost, better hardware emulation and
> client/host mouse integration in X.  After I get this integration going I
> expect to be able to run up to 10 LFS 128 megs of ram virtual machines on
> a single 2 gig of ram host without much of a performance delay in the
> clients.

Is this a superior solution (in your opinion) to Xen? I'm interested 
because we run some of our hosted services in xen virtual linux servers 
and this seems to work pretty well...



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