compiling firefox

Alberto Hernando pajaro.go at
Sun Sep 24 23:34:34 PDT 2006


My system is LFS-6.2-3. I'd like to know how do you compile firefox. I 
followed the instructions in the blfs book (svn version) and well, it 
compiled fine, but there is something that doesn't work. When I try to log in 
gmail, it complains that a script is taking too long to run. CPU goes to 99% 
and, in the end, it's impossible to use. Also, when I'm in the web of my bank 
(, in Spain), the logout button doesn't work. At least, you don't 
see that you're logged out, but you can't do anything else in the bank. So it 
looks like it has some problems with scripts. I recompiled with NSS, and the 
problems are the same. Firefox-,, with gcc-4.1.1 and with 
gcc-3.4.3 (when I tried long time ago, the same). I don't know what to do. 
Any tips?


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