Syslog logs - why not just one?

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Sat Sep 23 17:01:43 PDT 2006

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Jeremy Henty wrote:

>> This small "bonus" even allows you to ignore all the filtering and
>> dump everything to one file if you so desire. 
> Well, duh, that's what I *said*.  I'm asking if there's a compelling
> reason not to do that.  For instance, would it make some fairly common
> sysadmin task harder?  I'm thinking that it wouldn't, because most
> real-life use cases need to filter on more than (facility,priority).

	I have been watching this thread and sitting here biting my fingers
telling myself to stay out of it nobody wants to hear my two cents but
after reading what you answered above I am compelled to throw my two
cents in the hat. I have been a UNIX System Administrator for over
twenty years. When I have something broke and twenty people trying to
reach me on the phone and email and carrier pigeon to tell me some
application isn't doing what they think it should be, I am VERY grateful
that syslog has already separated out all the messages I need to see
from the ones I don't care about. You may be a masochist and love the
pain of having to glean relevant information out of a heap of
meaningless junk (which BTW is very error prone, it's very easy to miss
the one piece of information you really NEED to see) while the vultures
are circling and screaming in your ear asking when it will be working
again, but I for one don't. If you are just playing with Linux/UNIX at
home and like having to do all the work yourself, syslog says have at
it. For me, my paycheck is based on the fact that I am able to quickly
see what is going wrong and fix it. I will let syslog separate my
messages into as many files as are needed to keep relevant information
for each subsystem in it's own place. Hmm, OK maybe it was three cents
but that is my opinion. The syslog is very flexible and able to log
messages in any way you want so we all can be happy. :-)

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